Propane Vehicles in Michigan

Powerful • Clean • Cost-effective

Autogas - a term for propane-fueled vehicles - is a clean, efficient motor fuel that powers everything

from police cars, school buses, delivery trucks,

forklifts, lawnmowers, on-road trucks and public transportation vehicles.

The third most widely used vehicle fuel in the world, Autogas is almost entirely domestically produced.



Michigan Propane Grant, DERA Grant, & Michigan Clean Diesel Grant are available now!

Volkswagon Mitigation Trust Fund Grant are available soon!

Michigan is Switching Cars and

Trucks to Propane-Fueled Vehicles

Propane vs Gasoline or Diesel

Autogas is about a dollar less

expensive than gasoline or diesel.


Propane is cheaper

Autogas is intrinsically safer than

many other fuels.


Propane is Safer

Autogas releases virtually no harmful

matter into the environment.

Green and Clean

Propane is green and clean

It is reliable and implementation costs are lower. The fuel is domestically produced, so less reliant on imported fuel, increases energy security and creates U.S. jobs.


Propane is Reliable

Autogas vehicles have a closer Miles-Per-Gallon to gasoline than other alternative fuels. Propane provides 104 octane rating compared to regular gasoline rating of 87.

Great MPGs

Propane has great MPGs

Current propane supplies far exceed demand, and infrastructure already exists to meet even greater demand.

High supply

Propane has high supply

Vehicle conversions and

Propane Fuel Infrastructure

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